Build apps targeting Windows, Mac, and Linux

Hey all! I have been learning about Capacitor for a bit now, and was wondering if it supports targeting Windows, Mac, and Linux?

I heard you could use electron, but that doesn’t seem ideal since i’m sure there is a lot of work to do so you can use Capacitor features.

BTW: I am using svelte

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not really in any meaningful sense. There isn’t much of any common “native” functionality in those OSes that I can think of as being particularly useful to web apps. You can always deploy a PWA that will of course run in a browser, and anybody running those OSes likely has a browser lying around.

Capacitor is about providing access from JavaScript to stuff that isn’t ordinarily accessible from JavaScript. Do you have a particular feature in mind that:

  • can’t be done in an ordinary browser / JavaScript environment;
  • could be done “natively” in all three of the OSes you mention;
  • doesn’t constitute a massive security hole for potential users?

You can use capacitor-community/electron GitHub - capacitor-community/electron: Deploy your Capacitor apps to Linux, Mac, and Windows desktops,

You can use electron with Ionic for windows build. There are only a few steps then you can able to build windows applications using electron.

Please see this tutorial for more information: How to Generate Windows build For Ionic - Capacitor Applications using electron | Develop Mobile Applications