Bug with IonBackButton and Tabs. Back button doesn't work correctly inside Tabs

Navigation using IonBackButton doesn’t work correctly when there are several Tabs and internal pages inside each Tab.

How to repeat bug:

  1. Open app in browser, Tab1 will be active
  2. On active Tab1 click Go button. Now we’re on internal page of Tab1
  3. Click to Tab2
  4. On active Tab2 click Go button. Now we’re on internal page of Tab2
  5. Click to Tab1
  6. On active Tab1 click Back button. Now we’re on main page of Tab1
  7. Click to Tab2
  8. On active Tab2 click Back button. Here is error! Nothing has happened!

Here is example: GitHub - graygt/ionic-bug
Version of ionic and ionic-vue-router 6.3.4

P.S. I downgraded ionic and router to 5.9.4 and this problem is fixed. But anyway, there are bugs in case of complex navigation, when the history of clicks is more than 10.