Bug?: ionic serve doesn't regenerate www/index.html when src/index.html changes


If I modify src/index.html file (for example adding a script) like in the example (http://www.joshmorony.com/ionic-2-how-to-use-google-maps-geolocation-video-tutorial/), and I run “ionic serve” command. The first time it will generate www/index.html file as expected.

When I change again the src/index.html file and I re-run the “ionic serve” command the www/index.html doesn’t update to reflect the changes, I have to remove it to let “ionic serve” regenerate.

The other html files under pages directory are correctly regenerated, so I believe that it is a bug.
Anyone else has the same issue?

I am using Ionicframework 2 rc1

My environment is:
{ npm: ‘3.10.3’,
ares: ‘1.10.1-DEV’,
http_parser: ‘2.7.0’,
icu: ‘57.1’,
modules: ‘48’,
node: ‘6.7.0’,
openssl: ‘1.0.2j’,
uv: ‘1.9.1’,
v8: ‘’,
zlib: ‘1.2.8’ }

OS : macOS Sierra

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I’m experiencing the same issue here. Ionic v2 RC1

yes i noticed that too.
felt too lazy to file an issue though :smiley:

I felt lazy too many times so I decided to change strategy :slight_smile:

Even if you change the index.html, it doesn’t copy over?

Can you create an issue here so we can get it in our backlog and fix it?


Yes exactly,

I have open an issue but I didn’t realize that there were 2 open bugs on the same issue (#194, #93),

I apologize for that

was the issue of src not regenerating www resolved?