Bug: ion-select

When I select a value on my ion-select and I click on an other field, sometimes this value to modify without change of my part.
I’ve test on Ionic’s documentation and I reproduct this error.


To reproduce this bug :

  1. Select a value in the ion-slect
  2. Move the cursor and click again quickly after, while the cursor is still a “little hand”.
  3. You will see the ion-select value change.

If you look at the cursor, you will see, just after selecting a value, it stay as a “little hand” instead of becoming an arrow. So you can still change the value of the ion select after it had just closed.



yes, the button is still clickable during fade out.


I face the same issue in my application.
I guess sonichk’s explanation is probable.

In terms of user experience, I think it’s really bad, because when a random user faces this situation, all he will see will be that he clicked on the page below the list, and not on the fading list (because it’s so almost completely faded that it’s invisible to the eye).