Bug: Audio elements with controls cannot be clicked

I think I may have found a possible bug. I have an HTML5 audio element with controls enabled:

<audio controls src="html://example.com/sample.mp3"></audio>

If you try to click on the play button, or any control, the click has no effect. I modified the tapClickGateKeeper function as I’ll show below and that fixed the issue:

function tapClickGateKeeper(e) {
  if(e.target.nodeName === "AUDIO"){
      return true;
....// existing code

I imagine this bug is true for the video element as well.

Can anyone look into getting this fixed?


yes, i faced the same issue, could you please tell me where to put the tapClickGateKeeper() function?Thanks a lot!!

That function already exists in the ionic bundle javascript file (in lib/ionic/js). You just have to add the if statement. You also have to add it to another function to allow taps:

self.touchStart = function(e) {
    if(e.target.nodeName === "AUDIO"){

thanks a lot, it help me…