Bug Android Keyboard

I have a problem with the Keyboard on Android devices. I think new android devices detect the keyboard height wrong.

In old android version the alert move automatic to the top of the keyboard, but now it is always at the same place and i can’t scroll, so if i have more input fields, i don’t see all input fields and i have no chance to write something at this fields.

And another problem is when i press the hardware-backbutton, the screen looks wrong because the keyboard is now a gray rectangle.

My versions:
-Ionic 5.2.6
-Cordova 9.0.0
-Cordova Platform Android 8.0.0
-Angular CLI 8.1.3

I testet it with old versions from ionic, cordova and angular and
build the project on a windows and mac device, and tried it with capacitor but nothing works.
So i created a new project in Ionic Studio but in the first image we see the result it dosen’t works…

I found this problems on Samsung Galaxy S7-S10 devices…
On the emulator for Nexus 5x and Pixel 2 all works fine, so i’m not sure if only samsung devices a problem.

Thanks for help

Any updates on this, seeing this too now, the event.keyboardHeight seems to always be 50px too small.