"Booting up emulator"...taking forever


I have been trying to get started with ionic. My setup may be a bit complicated: I am running Mint 17 (which is Ubuntu 14.04 based) in a Virtualbox VM.

I’m just starting with a new app following the steps listed on the website’s getting started page, but stuck on “ionic emulate android”: The command goes through building the app, then displaying a large number of OpenGL warning messages:

OpenGL Warning: glXGetFBConfigAttrib for 0x1372e60, failed to get XVisualInfo
OpenGL Warning: XGetVisualInfo returned 0 visuals for 0x1372f50
Booting up emulator (this may take a while).......

I get a simulartor window on my screen, but with a completely blank view. The ionic command line window just keeps adding another dot every few seconds.

At this point, I don’t know where the problem is exactly. Any pointers, comments would be very much appreciated.


You have to manually start up the emulator.

Cordova will then use the emulator that has been lunched.

This will be a pretty quick process.

If manually starting emulator is slow, then try using the intel module instead of the standard ARM. You can download the intel architecture module from the emulator launcher.


Try out genymotion as an alternative (better) android emulator.


Thanks man. You’re on the right point. :slightly_smiling:

  • Use atom x86 cpu instead ARM

But then you can just run ionic run android command. It will boot up in few seconds.