Blink Id Recognizer

Did anyone manage to initialized Blink Id recognizer using the latest @ionic-native/blinkid ?

Hi @WL0146,

I work for Microblink - the developers of BlinkID.

Can you please describe the issue you’re having with @ionic-native/blinkid?

Also, can you double check if working with @microblink/blinkid-capacitor makes things easier for you?

We’ve launched our official support for capacitor 2 weeks ago - we’re moving to this particulat integration type for Ionic apps.


Hi @Cerovec

Currently I found out in the Blink id recognizer is not included in the @ionic-native/blinkid


Therefore when I try to call the BlinkIdRecognizer() it will show error.

Regarding the @microblink/blinkid-capacitor it will not be a solution for us since that was another framework, it will be troublesome for us to change the whole project to another framework and retest it;