BLE - Show paired devices

Hello. I’m using the BLE ionic / cordova plugin ( When I run a scan I can see devices around me, but the issue is I want to see devices I have previously paired with.

From looking at the documentation this does not seem possible (I can’t find any mention of bonded or paired devices). Is it possible using that plugin? If the answer is no, does anyone know of a plugin I can use instead?


After doing some googling I came across a Cordova plugin which does facilitate the viewing of already paired devices. Would it be rather easy to include that in my Ionic 3 project?

Looks interesting. I gave it a once over and my initial reaction wouldn’t be to use the phrase “really easy”. Might require a fair amount of sanity checks along the way

I’ve yet to make any ionic native plugins, how much of an endeavor would this be? Maybe I should try and extend the BLE one instead to make calls to the OS to get paired devices?

seems like a normal cordova plugin to me, just has no wraper for angular.

So I guess it doesn’t have an “out of the box” use, and rather I would have to make a wrap for it so it is usable in Ionic?

yes, it should work, but you don’t have auto complete in your editor or other fancy typescript shit.

and you maybe have to create an typescript definition file - so that typescript has no errors

Hmm okay, that’s good news I guess. I’ll probably attempt to use that then. Thanks user5555.

Dear @SpotOnCreative and others: this seems to be the most recent thread on Ionic3 and BLE. has any Ionic3 support been developed which can be shared back to the open source community?

Thanks again, regards


Maybe a little too late, i completed an already existing angular wrapper :

Thanks, sounds interesting.