BLE module discover beacon only once

I’m creating simple application to discover beacons nearby me.
I’m using this plugin to handle BLE.
There are two methods:
ble.startScan(services, success, failure);
ble.startScanWithOptions(services, options, success, failure);

When I use ble.startScan I can only discover beacon once. Even when I turn off/on beacon, application didn’t “discover” beacon again.
ble.startScanWithOption have got flag reportDuplicates and when I enable this flag I can see that beacon is discovered again and again.

My question is how to detect beacon once and monitor if it is still in my range? It is possible to check for eg. every 5 sec if I’m still in beacon range?

Are you using

Yes, I’m using

Then the methods are different:

For you actual problem I unfortunately have no idea.

I’m wonder what should I do to discover the same device again.

Clear your array with discovered devices and re-run the scan function on button press

This plugin isn’t intended for scanning beacons. Try cordova-plugin-ibeacon for iBeacons.

Hi… I have seen that conduct when the BLE module on Homey or Homey center is to bussy. This happens for the most part on non-Homey Pro’s and parcel of applications. The BLE module on Homey isn’t known to the most steady usage moreover.
Most ideal approach to distinguish nearness is a combiation of alternatives. Ble signals/geo/wifi/sensors.