Blank page when loading Android App

Hello everyone!

I’m new to ionic and wanted to make an app based on the native google maps plugin for Ionic. I made my project, I haven’t added a thing to the application. When I serve it too my browser everything works as expected. No errors or blank screens.

The problem begins when I try and get the same applications on my phone, as an app. Ionic finds the phone and sends the app to my device. When I open it, there’s 2-4 seconds of the ionic boot screen, and after that there’s just a blank screen. Is this an issue someone knows the problem to? Am I doing something wrong?

Here’s a picture of Ionic info:

And here the output from cordova plugin -l

I am currently (trying) to make it run on Android 4.4.4, could it be that there is a miss match in version somewhere? I have the correct SDK installed from android studio. I have spend several hours on trying it to get to work, but I can’t seem to fix it.

Thank you for your time & help :slight_smile:

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