Black screen inside tab


Sometimes when I switch tabs very fast (typical tester behavior) it happens that one of my tab-pages turns into black. (only the content, the tab itself remains usable, but the content will always stay black) Unfortunately I cannot show a code-example. I was never able to find a way to reproduce the problem, it simply happens from time to time and only rarely. It seams as if the page within the tab was somehow unloaded - but I certainly do nothing in code to unload it (I’m not sure if this is even possible).
I’m not totally sure but I believe the problem started when switching to RC.0 and still exists in RC.1

I know, this problem description is quit weak, but what can I do?

My question is: has anybody a similar problem. Is this possibly a known bug I could not found. Or does anybody know what could cause this problem and how to avoid it?

Regards Grischa


Might be a similar problem: Ion-tabs page solid black when added to Hello Ionic


I faced kind of the same problem. In my case I discovered that it happened because I was trying to hide the tab bar while manipulating the html elements and that time to time, my piece of code were executed before the tab bar itself was rendered in the dom. Therefore I had to change the order of execution of my code and also add some check on elements (“if null do nothing”).

Maybe not the same problem but I would suggest to think about your pages, maybe depending of your promises and executions in parallel, something could “break” in case the rendering would be time to time slower or faster