Binding value in typescript


Im using getters and setters to change some values and I wonder how in my page I can bind a variable to that value so that every time I open that page it always uses the new value. I want to bind it so it directly have that value so I dont need to initialize it in ionviewdidenter.


Please look at this from the point of view of somebody trying to help you. What would they want to know?


I have two theme modes, compact and fullmode. I have a settings modal where I can toogle between those options and whenever I change those values I use a ngif to show my page in full or compact mode. Now everytime I change the value in settings I use a settingshelper class that sets and gets the value and also store the value in ionic storage and in my app.component I i retrieve the values from ionic storage and also sets the values.
I wonder if I can bind the ngif to the values directly from my settingshelper.
If its not clear I will upload a example.


On startup:
app.component => load data from ionic storage => set the loaded data to a settingshelper class => page get data from settingshelper

In app:
settings => save data to ionic storage => set the loaded data to settingshelper => page get data from settingshelper