Big Sur: Yes? No?

Does Drifty have an official statement regarding Big Sur and its compatibility with Ionic Framework? Having been burned before with upgrading my Mac too soon, I think I chose wisely this time with holding off (here and here).

I’d like to know if there is a single destination where I can watch for Drifty news whenever either iOS or Android gets a big upgrade.

In advance, thank you.

I also am getting prompted to update to Big Sur. The OS is probably fine, but every time upgrade OS have to upgrade Xcode also. Xcode is the problem who knows what will work and doesn’t work.
Any issues?

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Good luck! It seems that all us have to roll the dice whenever there is an OS update.

With so many moving parts to the framework, I would love it if Drifty would get into the habit of releasing a blog entry or something to state whether or not any such updates are compatible.

For now, I usually wait it out awhile and let others take it for the team to work out the kinks.