Beta 14 $ionicHistory.clearHistory() not working on Android


I want my users to not to go back when they reach a certain point in the app. I have managed to hide the Back button, but on Android users always can press the physical button on the device.

According to the docs, $ionicHistory.clearHistory() should clean the history, but even if I can see that $ionicHistory.viewHistory().views only contains the current state and all previous views have disappeared, the physical button stills brings me back!

I am using Beta 14, with an app that I started building in the Creator

Am I missing something?


I am also facing the same problem in beta 14, any help will be really appreciated.

I have the same problem among lots of others with beta 14 :frowning:

Same issue here… Should we post a bug report?

Is there anything new about this? It really need to be fixed, users on my app can navigate back to the log page with the back button, this is not at all an expected behavior!

I haven’t find the solution yet , we should file it as a bug I guess.

Same issue. I solved it thanks to this post using a new option.
This beta14 has been disappointing. I hope the next version is more thoroughly tested.