Beta 14 content list bug


(not same as previous thread I posted)

In Beta 14, if you have tabs with content lists. If you jump back and forth, the lists are duplicating rows insanely and bogging down the app completely.

This only happens if:

The reason i have no cache, is that after changing to beta 14 my lists weren’t being refetched on browsing back to certain views that I do want to have its content reloaded. For example, I’m clearing settings and “returning to previous view”, that I indeed want its content to reload.


A question, can this command be forcing next view NOT to cache?

$state.go(‘app.readers’, { placeGuid: $stateParams.placeGuid }, {reload: true});

I am using the “reload”, but that just simply don’t cut in Beta 14 (did in 13).