Beta 10 breaking change "ion-nav is required in the root component"

Sorry for this stupid question but for one of my pushed pages I’m facing the “content may be pushed up behind your header” of this beaking change and I don’t understand where ion-nav is required !

I already have this in my app.ts :

  template: '<ion-nav [root]="rootPage"></ion-nav>', 

Thanks for your help

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Same issue. “An ion-nav or ion-tabs is required in the root component” …but that’s what you have? And same for me, but yet same issue.

Think I figured it out

Had to wrap all my <ion-toolbar> and <ion-navbar> in the <ion-header> tag. Also make sure, where there is a <ion-content> it has the ion-header tag prior to it. On every page.

I had built a couple of components for nav, and tried adding the <ion-header> in the component html, however didn’t work, rather I had to do it like this in the page
<ion-header no-border-top no-border-top>
<wb-navbar pageName="Accounts"></wb-navbar>