Best way to store user preferences


I’m looking to store some basic user settings, for example: weight preference to be shown in kg or stone.

What is the best approach? I know multiple ways of doing this but I’m not sure if there is a solid way. I haven’t used ionic storage before and not sure if I should use that. I did search this but all posts I found were 1 - 3 years old.


Ionic storage is an option, but the problem with that’s if your user is using multiple platforms/devices, the user needs to set preferences seperately.So better to use backend server to store such preferences. If you want to store preferences in local storage,you can do the same on first login and clear the data on logout.So the user can have the same preferences on all devices.


Ah, of course. You’re right, I would like to have the preferences persisted across other devices so back-end it is. Thanks, @charlesskariah.