Best way to erase unused plugins

Hi! I’m trying to erase all the components/plugins who i tried into my project… Wich is the best way to realise this? The cleanest way

Thanks in advance

I would say remove the plugin you don’t want (don’t forget their wrapper too if you use some)

ionic cordova plugin rm ........ --save
npm remove ...... --save

Maybe a cordova clean stuffs do the job but I would say, if you want to go full clean, remove/add the platforms again

ionic cordova platform rm android --save
ionic cordova platform add android@latest --save
ionic cordova platform rm ios --save
ionic cordova platform add ios@latest --save


If you remove your platform don’t forget that the all platform gonna be wiped, so if you did some manual changes, these will be lost too respectively you will have to make them again

Same if you did some changes manually in Xcode these changes gonna be lost, you will have to replicate them again in Xcode

But yep like you said, maybe clean is enough but with rm/add that’s for sure :wink:

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Thanks i’ll try!!!

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