Best practices to use `rem` units for responsiveness in ionic

It seems that ionic’s css is based on px with special classes that detect which device we’re on like:

.platform-ios.platform-cordova:not(.fullscreen) .has-subheader

I am used to work with ‘rem’ units to be sure that everything stays responsive, I set font-size to html, boady tags and them use rem everywhere.

Can you help me figure out the best practices to enforce this in ionic ?
What do you usually do to keep things responsive ?


Can someone help me clarify this ?
For now I don’t find ionic framework very responsive in terms of CSS components.
I don’t understand, all the components sizes are in px in ionic.css.

Any help here please ?i

Ionic’s css doesn’t support rem values.

You can run a python script to convert the base styles to rem values.

Ahh super cool ! I read the discussion, and I really like rem units. Thanks for pointing me to the right spot :slight_smile: