Best location service and map technologies for Ionic

I’m starting an Ionic project that will require a user to see their current location on a map along with one additional user concurrently signed into the app, to facilitate a meet-up. What technologies do you recommend I use for this? Google Maps with Cordova geolocation? Leaflet? Do you have any pointers or can you recommend any good tutorials on the preferred technologies? Thank you!

I use Leaflet with mapquest tiles (no limits and api registration needed).

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I used google maps api v3.

Easy to use and incredible fast.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the assistance. I’ve decided to go with leaflet and maybe mapbox if needed. @deanq as far as setting up leaflet within an angular app, I started with this tutorial on leaflet:
A note on the tutorial: when I click to find my location it finds it, but the map disappears. It then reappears when I zoom out. Also, I tried to integrate the code into my Ionic app but to no avail. Any pointers on where I should be putting this code? Is there additional code necessary to get leaflet to work with Angular? Thanks for the assistance.

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I had this problem when I contained my map in a modal. Everytime I popped the modal, I would do a map. invalidateSize(). Also make sure you have the height and width defined on the map.

Thanks @deanq, I’m working through all of this now. Thanks for the help.