Being able to drag the app view

Hey everyone!

So some time ago, this issue came up in the betas

Pretty nasty one and it stuck around for a bit.
Now it seems to be in a state of flux, that is we have mixed reports of it being solved and being around.

So now we turn to the community.

Has anyone experienced this issue with the newest release? If so, can you provide a codepen link or github repo?

I got the issue fixed by adding this to config.xml:

<preference name="DisallowOverscroll" value="true" />

Just in case anyone still has this issue, adding DisallowOverscroll did not fix the issue for me. What fixed it is adding ion-pane around my ion-contents.

To make it work I did both :

<ion-pane class='pane has-header'>
<ion-view view-title="title">

And DisallowOverscroll,