Behavior when routing to a child route from home screen

I am using tabs have some nested routes in my app, and have a structure something like this:


I am passing a query parameter to my /app/tabs/news/story route to display a particular story, like this:

<ion-item *ngFor="let item of stories" lines="full" [routerLink]="['/app/tabs/news/story']" [queryParams]="{id:}"></ion-item>

When I link from my /app/tabs/news route to the story, you get the nice page animation and the back arrow to take you back. If I add the same link to the my /app/tabs/home route, then there is just an abrupt page change (no animation) and the back arrow is now present.

Is there a more preferred way to route to a child route from a different tab, so that the back arrow and native transition still take place?