Beginner - Ionic 4 Help - Transferring data from Tab 3 (form) to tab 4

I am trying to transfer the data on tab 3 (Reserve) to the tab 4 (MyTables). I am going to be completely honest. I do not know how to write in ionic at all. Person teaching doesnt help as he talks like we know. Any help would be appreciated. I am almost at the point to pay someone to do it. I can zip the file if needed or uploaded but thats alot of code for 5 folders.

can anyone help me. I do not know how to code on ionic 4. I absolutely dislike this coding as I prefer to do website coding. I can code one of them in hours. I have made 6 attempts at this and I screw up the application. I keep deleting and retry.

website “coding” in a few hours and putting together pre-made templates is not the same as coding a application. You need foundational knowledge to understand what you are trying to do. Your best bet is to pay someone to do what you need.