Beacon Android Killed App

Hello to everyone,

i have so far successfully created my app so as to receive push notifications when detect beacons in range.

I used this

In iOS i can detect beacon in foreground, in background and when the app is killed. Whereas in Android i have made it only when in foreground or in background.

My problem is that i want in Android devices to detect beacons also when the app is killed.

Is there anything i can do? I am trying to build a background service using

but with no luck till now.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello @fovaka,

How you can detect beacon when the app is killed in iOS ?


Hi fovaka.
Do you mind share your solution? I am struggling with what your have sucessfully created :slight_smile:

Too late but it helps for some one.
We are able to get the notifications in android even when the app is killed.We have published our code to github repo.

with in this repo we mentioned everything how we achieved this functionality.