Be careful of the following clients


Hello, fellow freelancers please be careful of the following clients:

Carlos Fernandez (
Woolley Maxime (

They will ask to customize some of your work as a freelancer, but after receiving your work they will on hold your payment on Paypal.

  1. They fail to properly read the workscope and complains the work delivered is lacking and will hold payment.
  2. Can’t integrate your code into their own working environment and will tell you your code doesn’t work and hold payment.

Even after sending in their “requested” revisions, they will stop replying to your email and not resolve your dispute on Paypal.

Please be careful.


Thanks for the heads up


anything to help fellow freelancers. I am charging my ~~$1,000 to experience. (4 clients who failed to pay up). If anything there should be an official blacklist thread for clients.


+1 @Ionize on this we could have a blacklist thread