BatteryStatus changing detection issue

Hi all,
I am trying to get the battery status of the device in my app.

After having installed::


I put BatteryStatus into the module providers.

In the component, I have :

batterySubscription: Subscription;
batteryLevel: number = 100;
isBatteryPlugged: boolean = false;

constructor(private batteryStatus: BatteryStatus) { }

ngOnInit() {

initSubscriptions() {
  this.batterySubscription = this.batteryStatus.onChange().subscribe( (status: 
  BatteryStatusResponse) => {
    console.log(status.level, status.isPlugged);
    this.batteryLevel = status.level;
    this.isBatteryPlugged = status.isPlugged;

Everything compiled perfectly, but the battery informations never change (as well in the browser as in the app). It doesn’t detect neither when I plug the computer nor when the battery level changes.

Has somebody an idea of the problem ? Thanks !