Barcode Scanner "Sees" Code But Doesn't Resolve


Can anyone offer advice on this problem I’m encountering: I have a simple ionic-v4 app using @ionic-native/barcode-scanner/ngx. When I run in the android emulator (new installation of API 29), it opens and starts scanning. I configured the emulator camera to see a QR code on the “wall”.

After using the camera controls to “navigate” to a clear view of the QR code on the wall, the barcode scanner plugin can see the QR code’s position/alignment points, and flashes little dots on each point indicating it recognizes the QR code. It also smoothly tracks those position points as I move around while facing the QR code.

However, the promise I received from the BarcodeScanner.scan() doesn’t get resolved, even while the scanner has a very clear view of the code, and is constantly tracking its position. The scanner just stays open and stares at the QR code. Then after a couple minutes, the promise does get resolved, with no data and BarcodeScannerResult.canceled=true;

Any ideas what would cause this or how I could troubleshoot?


Hey have you got any success in this? I’m using barcode scanner and getting same problem that it just not getting me the results.
Please help!