Badge not displaying value passed in to .set() function

ionic native Badge does not display value passed to this.badge.set(5)

this.badge.set(20).then(() => { console.log(“did set”) })

the console.log(“did set”) actually gets printed but the value is not displayed

Is there something I did incorrectly? I anticipate any response thanks.

Not a lot to go off of from this, do you have a more complete example?

Hey Harting, according to the Doc, I just needed to do this

constructor(private badge: Badge, private platform: Platform){

// Just to test I set the badge

console.log(“Did set”)

that’s All I had to do, the ''Did set" gets printed in the console.log but the value 5 doesn’t show at all.

No need for the DMs…

Do you have an example app or demo to look at?

Please clone the repo to check it out.

This was all I did so far just to test the Native Badge

constructor(private badge: Badge, private platform: Platform) {
      this.platform.ready().then(() => {
           this.badge.set(10).then(() => console.log("Test badge"))

Is it possible that the most recent commit to the Ionic-Native shim is relevant here?