Badge count does not increase (Capacitor-PushNotification-Plugin)

Hi all

I made following tutorial to integrate the PushNotifications plugin into my app.

Everything worked so far. I can now test push notifications from the Firebase Console to my app
running on my iPhone.

But my general question is:
Do I have to set the badge-count(to show for the app-icon manually?
If yes, how can I set and manage the badge-count of the app-icon?

Thanks for any tip

Hi, have you found a solution?


Yes, you have to take care for the badge count on the app-icon.

On the push-notification I can set a badge-property.
Reference to the Firebase-Admin SDK

And if you have to update it later on the device I use the ionic-native plugin (cordova).

import { Badge } from '@ionic-native/badge/ngx';