Bad Link in Ionic Ripple Effect Doc Page

When I was reading this page - ion-ripple-effect | Ripple Effect Button Component for Ionic Apps - the first link for the Material Design Ripple Effect is a bad link. It takes me to a 404 error page. Thought someone might want to check it out.

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Hi there. Good catch.

I think the Ionic team would ideally sees you do an edit to the page in github and do a PR. Below each doc page there is a link to github: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

But, not saying this on their behalf :slight_smile:


ps. would this be the link you expected? Material Design

Thanks! That helps. I tried to submit a change and it wouldn’t let me click the Propose changes button at the very bottom. weird. maybe someone else can put the link in there.

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Happy to propose the change, on my github profile, but the enhancement ideally shouls be in your social profile