BackgroundGeolocation Resource not found


cordova plugin add @mauron85/cordova-plugin-background-geolocation

How can I solve this problem?


Go to the android resource folder where you will find the “mipmap” folders. There you need to change the name of the “ic_launcher.png” to “icon.png”

Do this for all mipmap folders.


Are you referring to the documents?


The files in this section are already “ic_launcher.png”


sorry was other way around. from ic_launcher to icon. Edited my reply :slight_smile:


I tried, but I made a new mistake.


Hmm I don’t know this bug…sorry



It doesn’t matter. I’m fine if you can answer me.

But while I was building, he generated other ic_launcher.png



that’s not a problem. but look at the issues in the github of this plugin. maybe you will find some answers there.


Ok, thank you. Please tell me who has a better way.