Background image in page.scss

So, i want to use background image in my page and I try to use this solution How to add background image to full page background

I want to ask, if we use this css code:

/* homescreen background image */
.background.scroll-content {
background: url(’…/img/mybackground.png’) no-repeat;
background-size: cover;

Where do we put the image ?

I assume in this case, we put img folder in the pages folder. Am I right ?

Please help me, thanks a lot.

I would put in the “www” folder. That is where I put mine and it works. Technically app the actually runs from “www” folder and I don’t think the the build system knows to copy the image the right location, at least not by default. If you put your image in a IMG folder in “www” folderyour current code should work.

Find the solution!

you don’t need to use quotation marks in url, So:

.content {
background: url(…/…/img/picture.png);

And I put the picture.png in www/img/picture.png

Hope it helps!