Background Fetch not working on iOS

I am using cordova-plugin-background-mode plugin for Ionic app for running my app in background and perform some tasks.

I’ve achieved this on Android and its working good.

BUT on IOS I am unable to use background mode as it provides my app exactly 30sec of background running-time and kills the app after this. For this in case, I use cordova-plugin-background-fetch plugin.

The problem is it says

> Error initializing background fetch – “plugin_not_installed”

but ‘ionic plugin add’ says already installed…

My code:

  const config: BackgroundFetchConfig = {
    stopOnTerminate: false, // Set true to cease background-fetch from operating after user "closes" the app. Defaults to true.

     .then(() => {
         console.log('Background Fetch initialized');


     .catch(e => console.log('Error initializing background fetch', e));

Try adding it in the platform.ready().