Backbutton action


I’m looking for an alternative to:


I’m updating my project to ionic 7 and that instruction is not recognized.

thank you

Why are you calling this function? What is your goal? Just to navigate back?


thanks for answering.

Yes, the user would have clicked a ‘delete’ button of the current view (the detail of a list of options). What I have to do is close this current view to return to the list without this item.

Can you think of how I could do it? I’m migrating an old project from ionic2 to ionic 7 and starting with ionic.

Thank you

Which Framework are you using? :thinking: Angular?

Yes, I’m using angular

You can use the NavController, it should have a back method :thinking:

I’m using Router and ActivatedRoute for navigation and can’t find a way to get back to the previous route from the view I’m in

did you tried the NavController as mentioned?