Back Button Text


Great framework. I have an issue, not sure if it’s a bug or something I am doing.

On iOS the back button changes to the name of the previous page instead of back - Great stuff.

The very first time though I still get the text ‘back’, if i go back then click on the same link I get the previous header text. It appears for me anyway the back button label doesn’t set on the first transition.

Anyone else had this problem?

Cheers in advance.


Could you try to reproduce this issue in a codepen?

Here is a codepen I threw together earlier that shows the page title instead of “back” for each transition.

I have had a go and I cannot replicate the problem from within a codepen. Hmmm.

Weirdly It now seems to have fixed itself. Cheers

I still have this problem even in v1.1.0. Is it still an issue at your side in the latest version?