Back button is skipping my side menu view

In my app my first page is credentials page when user login then after logging in it goes to home page when i am going from my home (which have a side menu on it ) to my profile view(from side menu) and while pressing backbutton from profile view it is taking me to login page where i need to enter my credentials. why is it happening? How can i resolve it?

Once the login is successfull, you are not clearing the navigation history. One ways is to avoid this issue is to clear the navigation history. The better way could be checking whether the user is logged in or not and based on that you can navigate the user to the login page. If the user is logged in you can avoid him to enter that page.

i am using this method( $ionicViewService.clearHistory() ) to clear history, before navigating to the home page but still its going to login page .how can i view my history stack can you help i new to ionic,
thanks in advance :smile: