Azure Push notification with ionic3 app

I’m building an ionic3 application and I want to build a push notification , I found more services of notifications like “Azure Hub , Fire base” . Now what is the best track between those two services ? What are the advantages of Azure (It’s already use FCM) why should I use it as well as using FCM directly ?

If you work for a company already invested in Azure you’ll have a better time of it.

Thank you Judgewest2000 ,
I already work for a company invested in Azure , but I cannot find any advantages for azure , also I cannot find any documents explain ionic with azure

You’re better off using documents talking about interaction with either Cordova (for push notifications) or web (for Azure table querying).

I would guess the advantage is as said before - whatever your current investment has been made in.

On a small note (and this is backed up with ZERO evidence) I work in the UK so GDPR is now a significant thing and Azure are fully onboard with certifications etc. I don’t know about the other players.

Is there is any other advantage like “performance, flexibility, any additional services” ?

Well you get the Azure cloud so that’s reliability / replication / local points of presence and all that lark.

Technically I suspect Firebase has more to offer but looking at its offering it’s geared more towards small development solutions with small data sets by pretty much giving you a vanilla back end with all the main tools you need, the main three of course being data sync / authorisation / push notifications.

I don’t believe at this time Azure has anything to compete on those terms - but building enterprise systems you will get more of the flexibility but less hand-holding.

Thank you Judgewest2000 :slight_smile: