Aws-sdk in Ionic 2, white screen when running on device

I am trying to use AWS S3 via aws-sdk in my Ionic 2 project.

I have imported the aws-sdk typings using this method

npm install @types/aws-sdk --save 

then I import it in a service:

import { S3 } from 'aws-sdk';

I can see all of the available AWS services from the typing (S3, DynamoDB, Lambda, etc) so I know that the aws-sdk typings are being recognized.

However, when I go to run the app on my iPhone from Xcode I get a white screen.

I get no errors during

ionic build ios

When I do remote debugging I get an error in the console that says

Error: Cannot find module "aws-sdk"  main.js:57800

I’ve tried adding

declare module aws-sdk; 

to declarations.d.ts

But then I get an error saying that it cannot find S3. Also when I go back to import on my service I no longer get a list of available services like I did without this declare statement.

I’m just not sure where else I need to declare aws-sdk in my project so that it gets properly transpiled in JS.

Thanks for the help…any other options for using AWS S3 in ionic 2 would also be greatly appreciated.