Avoid hidden tab when the Keyboard is open(IONIC v4)

Hey, I am working with ionic 4, and when the keyboard is open, ion-tab-bar’s are added a css clas tab-bar-hidden and as a result my tab-bar dissapears while the keyboard is open. Why is this working like that?

I do not understand why a class is added to hide the tab-bars, that should not work like that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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This is certainly a issue. As i don’t want the tab to be hidden, when keyboard is open. Anyway to override tab-bar-hidden class ?

Finally, when i was working on that project i decided to create my own tab component as removing the class was possible but it was a little dirty. Hope it helps @rajasekarsp

Creating own tab component is time consuming for us. Anyway thanks for inputs @dnietoandres :slight_smile:

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