Avoid browser url changes when navigating

I have a PWA app and when user reloads the page, it gets a 404 because of the changes that the router inserts in the browser nav url. For example, my app is loaded from:

and when the app loads the login page, the browser url changes to:

If user reloads the app in that moment, it gets a 404. How can I prevent the router to make changes on the browser url? The url should stay as all the time.

Servers serving Single Page Apps should rewrite all url requests to index.html

We need this for deeplinlks to work which give a great future to PWA (and other apps)

Likely your server does not and gives the 404

I think there was a similar post recently with a nice link to the angular.io site explaining the various configurations for servers

Thanks! I think that link may work for what I need.