Automatic selection of a button of an Ionic Action Sheet by (press)

I have a problem with my Action Sheet in combination with (press)-event in a Ionic4 Application.

My code

HTML (Press-Event)

<ion-item *ngFor="let book of bibleBooks | calculateProcess: selectedBookType; let i = index"
                      (tap)="selectBibleBook(book); selectedItem=i;scrollVersesToTop(); setCurrentBook(i)"
                      (press)="openBookFunctions(book, selectedBookType, $event)"
                      []="selectedItem == i"
                      [class.currentBook]="i == currentBook"

Component (Action Sheet)

const actionSheet = await this.actionSheetController.create({
  header: this.tFunctions,
  backdropDismiss: false,
  buttons: [
      text: this.tMarkAsRead,
      icon: 'checkmark',
      handler: () => {
        this.markBookAsRead(book, selectedBookType)
      text: this.tMarkAsUnread,
      icon: 'close',
      handler: () => {
        this.markBookAsUnRead(book, selectedBookType)
      text: this.tCancel,
      role: 'cancel',
      handler: () => {
        return false;

await actionSheet.present();

The problem

When I activate the Action Sheet with an element close to the buttons, the app automatically selects a button. Reason: Due to the (press)-Event my finger is still on the screen. The button is activated by releasing the finger. How can I prevent this?