Autofocus on ion-searchbar

Hi everyone.

I cannot find any information about how to autofocus an ion-searchbar (ionic 2)

I am using beta 7. I have tried an autofocus attribute which does not work.

Has anyone got the answer?

My implementation is simply <ion-searchbar></ion-searchbar>

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There is not autofocus ability for ion-searchbar.

Have looked into it quite a bit, we decided that autofocus was too problematic.
Working across different devices/browsers, they all handle autofocus a bit differently.
This causes a lot of problems so we decided not to support it.


Thanks for your reply - understood. If anyone knows of a workaround for this please post :slight_smile:

I wanted to do the same thing when a modal gets opened by the user. Here is my quick solution:

I’m adding a “unique” class to the search bar and call .focus() on the input element inside it during ionViewDidEnter().

<ion-searchbar class="my-page-name-searchbar"></ion-searchbar>
ionViewDidEnter() {
    let elem = document.querySelector('.the-page-name-searchbar input');
    if (elem) {

You can extend the code inside ionViewDidEnter() to open the keyboard by using the Cordova plugin with the following code:

// add this import
import { Keyboard } from 'ionic-native';;

But be aware that; doesn’t work on iOS.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: .


below code actually is not compilable using typescript, Ts is complaining that elem has no method ‘focus’. any idea?

Just cast the Element to HTMLInputElement.

This should work:

let elem = <HTMLInputElement>document.querySelector('.some-class input');
if (elem) {

By the way, it’s possible to get it working on iOS too (you need to switch a flag in /config.xml), but then you have to care about keyboard hiding yourself, that might be challenging.

i found much cleaner solution

@ViewChild('mainSearchbar') searchBar: Searchbar;
 ionViewDidEnter() {
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 150);

use jquery to set focus !!!

setTimeout(function () {
}, 500);
  1. import searchabar
import { 
} from 'ionic-angular';

add in class

@ViewChild(Searchbar) searchbar:Searchbar;

setTimeout(() => {
    }, 0);