Auto reload page after save gone wrong in ionic 2

Hi everyone, i dont know how to find this, i think its basic

this is my problem, why everytime after i save my code, the page always go back to home page or first page ?

my situation similar to this : i have 3 page, if i want to go to page3 then i must navigation trough this :
page1 -> page2 -> page3

when i was in page3 why after i was editing page 3 it refresh to page 1 ? , i just want to customize page 3 only, please help

this will not work because of the custom history stack of ionic 2 apps. They are independent from the url browser history. It is working like a real app --> if you restart an app, you always start at your startpage.

For testing or developing --> simple change your root page to the current page you are working on

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oh i see, because in ionic 1 i can do that, thanks a lot for your reply, regards