Auto focus input field in ionic 5

I’m trying to auto focus input field in ionic 5. We had this exact same problem in previous version that we used ( ionic 3 ) that standard directives don’t work at all or don’t work properly … I found the autofocus directive for ion-input, but the problem is it works like 50% of the times, when it feels like it ( on the device ) … so my question: is there a proper solution to this ( now at least 4 year old ) problem, or do I need to write a hacky directive to this again? Is there a built in directive which will focus the default input ( and pop the keyboard up as it should ) reliably on all platforms?


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it’s working all the time on iOS and Android devices.


Sorry but my experience differs. Here’s what I’m doing:

this is the code from the template with the ion-input that should be focused when user opens the page

              placeholder="{{ 'email' | translate }}"

I compile the app, make apk, install it on the device, kill the app ( if exists in the task manager ) then i start it and try to navigate to the page, and field should be auto focused - then i kill the app again, open it, navigate etc. I tried it , works only 20% of the times. So I’m glad it works for you, and that might give me a glimpse of hope. Does anyone have any idea what could cause it?