Auto-complete component

The current ionic search component in ionic 2 allow you to search through a list in the current tab (visible to the user). It would be great to be able to search from a collection or a javascript array as well. This option would be particularly useful for API requests or for a quick search through your whole application.
I think what does this plugin should be a native component in ionic 2.

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Could you create an issue for this and we will look into it? Thanks :slight_smile:


I am the author of the referenced plugin and I would also like that such kind of autocomplete/search component is natively part of the Ionic 2 framework.

@geocalled Did you already create an issue in the Ionic 2 issue tracker? If yes, could you reference it such that we can upvote it?

@brandyshea Maybe you could take some ideas from my plugin as this is widely used for this kind of requirement.

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I do also like this implementation:

i agree with you :+1: