Assumptions and Best Practices

My setup:

Blank app with 2 “pages” (page1.ts and page2.ts) and one “component” (topnav.ts).
Each page loads the TopNav Component. The TopNav component is basically a custom navigation element with two div buttons for switching between pages.

Please chime in - the more the merrier :slight_smile:

Assumption 1: Using a component for navigational elements as described above is fine.
Assumption 2: Styling of that component can be made on a conditional basis, e.g. the div buttons should be styled based on which page/view you are currently on.
Assumption 3: Using let view = this.navCtrl.getActive() from within either page (page1.ts and page2.ts) followed by console.log( should yield the current view you are on.

Am I doing something wrong so far?