Array.find is not working on a 2d array in ionic3?

I have to find clicked id inside the 2D array and i have tried with find function but its not working as expected i have attached my console image tell me anyone how to fix this?

  var matchedObject = self.selectedSubCategoryArray.find(x=>x === category.keyId);


  1. what is category.KeyId?
  2. you trying to loop throw object not array.
  3. please give more information about what are you trying to do.

sir,category.keyId is get after click on the categoryTab and i have to search this category.keyId on a selectedSubCategoryArray if exist get the matched object but here arrray is 2dArray?

Ok, Solution is:

let matchedObject = [];
for(let key in self.selectedSubCategoryArray) {
    if (key == category.keyId) {

its working sir thanks a lot.
sir how to find the index of 2D array indexOf is not working ?