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I wish to use Ionic to run my app on my iOS device with livereload enabled. According to the docs this should be easy:
ionic cordova run ios --device

Of course I have to add provisioning profiles, but how am I supposed to do it?
I have the .mobileprovision of the certificate, but no matter what I do I still get this error when running the command: PFA image,

How am I supposed to add my provisioning profiles? I’m not able to find any info about this in the framework docs.
Note: I can deploy the project using Xcode, but then I don’t get the livereload. Plus I’d prefer doing everything from the CLI.
I found this link but I dont know how to achieve this.
Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

See here:
(Note: Param need an additional -- when run with the ionic CLI vs. the cordova CLI)

Can you please tell me where to find this build.json? I cant find it in my Ionic project.
I do have Package.json and platform ios is located there but I’m unable to place these lines of code there.

You create it. Then you supply it to the build command.

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