Application Performance

Hello guys! I am now beginning to use ionic , but understand a little HTML , CSS, JS and other languages ​​. The problem is that the application crieia yet does nothing to change from one screen to another when the trigger button , only it’s getting slow, increasingly I put something slows down :frowning:

What meneira I can do to improve application performance? There is possibility of using thread ?

From now Thank you : D

No, threads are unsupported by the Javascript language itself, so this is a no-no. If you need to do things in parallel you will need to use Callbacks or Promises.

But of course I have no idea what you are building. How are you testing, in a browser (Firefox or Chrome) with “ionic serve”, or on a real device (Android or iOS) with “ionic run” ? On what operating system, Linux/OSX/Windows?

There are many possible explanations but it’s hard to tell without knowing more. Do you have the code on Github or Codepen or in a ZIP file or whatever?

Threads a.k.a. “Webworkers” are decently supported (
Anyway there are some limitations for example you can’t manipulate DOM on a separated Worker since DOM is not thread-safe.

But like he said @leob i think it depends on what your are building and what device you use for testing.